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Welcome to jNU (formally Realm of Villainy.ORG), a gaming domain owned and run by Griffin. This site contains links to fan listings & other sites run by me, as well as hostees. Navigation is above.

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-:-11 June 2007-:-: I've updated Dragon's Crest. It received a new layout and total site validation. Next is Radical Dreamers. Also, for jNU, I fixed the CSS link problem. (It was switching fonts.) I plan on putting up a 'closed' section under the network, to remember the sites that once were. Oh, I'm also doing some cleaning on the site (the parts you can't see). I've a lot of junk, and so far I've managed to get rid of more than an entire gig of stuff I wasn't using.

-:- 16 May 2007-:-: The main site validation is complete! I've fixed the broken links of the "Joined" page, and I've taken down the survey. I've also created thumbnails for jNU's past layouts (they're pretty). That's about it. I'm moving on to other subdomains to validate them. I hope you all enjoy the new look.

-:- 3 May 2007-:-: I've learned a lot in class, and I've decided to do an overhaul on my site. My coding is total crap, and I'd like to validate it. I'll start with a new layout, and move on to fixing all of the coding page by page. Fortunately, the site is a lot smaller than it was, so this won't kill me. ^^ I'm also getting a new site when I can think of a domain name. I told my sister I'm thinking about "" or something ('ume' is Japanese for plum, my favorite fruit). She told me that's totally nerdy. ;o; In any event, you might be seeing a wee hiatus sign or something (but I won't close the site; I hate when people do that.)
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