The Dragoon Class

Generally, a Dragoon is someone who fights as calvary but moves as infantry. Historically, a dragoon is an equestrian knight. The kanji used for dragoon (竜騎士} suggests a knight on horseback, which sounds about right. However, Square likes to twist things, so this might have a different meaning, since dragoons are ne'er seen on horseback. In this case, it might also be 'dragon knight', since 'ryuu' can mean dragon.

There are several similarities as well as differences between Freya and other dragoons. Here are some notable examples.

Left-handedness: Freya, like other dragoons, is left-handed. This is odd, since due to superstitions and beliefs, there aren't too many positive thoughts about left-handed people. In Japan, a man could even divorce his wife if she was found to be left-handed.

Lance: Like all other dragoons, Freya's weapon is a lance. This is a signature weapon (also called a spear), and in the game, she even obtains Kain's Lance from Final Fantasy IV.

A Woman?: Freya is possibly the first and only woman dragoon. Though she make seem weaker than other dragoons, she can dish it out just as well, and has the added bonus of Dragon Magic.

Hair: Freya's hair is platinum, which is a color of blonde. Cid before her was blonde, and Kain before him was blonde. Apparently, blondes just do it better.

Not a Highwind?: Well, come on. They couldn't all be Highwinds. One would start to think they were all related or something of the sort.