Welcome to Dragon's Crest, a shrine to the character Freya Crescent of Final Fantasy IX by the late Squaresoft. This site owned and operated by Griffin. Navigation is below.


June 13 2007 ( 12.06 ) = I've filled out the "Freya" section a lot more. I have three more sections to put up, and a couple more to fill out. After that, I'll mostly just have media updates. But I'm taking it slow so I can stretch the updates out over the next few weeks. Ja mata.

June 11 2007 ( 14.40 ) = I've finished validating the rest of the site. I plan to move on to adding more content. I'm thinking I'll start with music files and avatars, but since I need access to Photoshop for that, I think I'll focus on adding information for now.

June 06 2007 ( 21.37 ) = It's been nearly a year since my last update. I am exceedingly sorry. I'm in the process of validating the site; so far I've done the entire site section. More coming soon-very soon. (Yakusoku da yo!)