The following is a list of weapon names, attack powers, abilities, status effects, and elemental attacks.

Attack Power: 18
Abilities: Dragon Killer

Mythril Spear
Attack Power: 20
Abilities: Reis' Wind

Attack Power: 25
Abilities: High Tide, Lancer

Ice Lance
Attack Power: 31
Abilities: White Draw
Status Effect: Freeze
Elemental Attack: Ice

Attack Power: 37
Abilities: Luna
Status Effect: Darkness

Heavy Lance
Attack Power: 42
Abilities: Six Dragons
Status Effect: Stop

Attack Power: 52
Abilities: Cherry Blossom, Initiative
Status Effect: Petrify

Holy Lance
Attack Power: 62
Abilities: Dragon's Crest, Reis' Wind
Elemental attack: Holy

Kain's Lance
Attack Power: 71
Abilities: Cherry Blossom, Dragon's Crest, White Draw
Status Effect: Confuse

Dragon's Hair
Attack Power: 77
Abilities: Dragon's Breath