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I host fanlistings, hatelistings, graphics sites, gaming sites, collectives (my fave ^^), some personal sites and others.

You Must:

• Speak English
• Link back to me from your site
• Keep in contact with me
• Have an FTP program and know how to use it
• Update your site regularly-meaning at least once every one or two months
• Know html coding

You are guarenteed:

• at least 20-100 mb or more if needed
• 500MB-1GB of bandwidth
• php, shtml, javascript, mySQL and other script support from my site
• Coding help and answers to your questions if I can provide them, but I will not be coding your entire site
• An e-mail address-only if you're going to use it
• A reply after you've submitted. If I don't reply, don't think you're denied. I probably just haven't checked my e-mail yet
• An explination as to why if I deny you


I have re-opened hosting on my site, since I have a lot of space that I'm not using and probably never will. I also know what it's like to NOT be hosted, or be hosted by a free host which is technically the same thing.

Before you go OMG RoV iz going 2 host mi how k00l!, please stop and read the rules. They are strict by the standards of some, but it's worth it in the long run.

You must e-mail me with the following information. The subject of the e-mail should be "I'm Blinded by Ambition" without the quotes.

• Your Name:
• Your E-mail:
• Your Site Name:
• Your Site URL:
• Desired url: (IE:
• Desired Password to login (to account):
• Desired amount of space:
• Current amount of space:
• Desired e-mail address (optional; examples or
• Desired Password to login (to e-mail):
• Would you like a GMail invite?:
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