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Welcome to Sanctuary, a gaming graphics site. We also feature some abstract works, as well as a few anime layouts. Navigation is to the left.

You are currently viewing Version X: Ephemeral Style.

This site opened April 12, 2005.


Revamp, anyone?
As I stated on the main site, I am revamping the entire site. That includes Sanctuary. I think since I won't have many classes in the summer, I can spend time in the labs designing with Photoshop. It also might take me all summer to validate my coding. And I'm thinking all of the sites will be tables. If anyone has ideas for color schemes, let me know.

I've also added five new avatars. They are as follows:

-1 Final Fantasy VII AC: Kadaj [Games]
-3 The GazettE: Ruki [JRock]
-1 Full Metal Alchemist: Edward [Anime]

And now I'm off to design the web site for my final. It's due Thursday and I haven't even started on it...I guess I should get that done.

04 May 2007 by Griffin